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Hi, I'm Lindsey! Animals are my thing. I'm extremely passionate about their well-being. I became vegetarian in 2007 and vegan in 2011. I've adopted and fostered (I currently have two rescued cats and another foster), and if I could I'd have every animal. I love hiking, running, horseback riding, yoga, skiing--anything involving nature and being active. I'm learning guitar and I've begun painting. I love wordplay/puns, craft beer, and I have PLENTY of tattoos and piercings. Hope you hang out with me tonight!
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Hey, I'm Twitch. I grew up in the strip club capital of the world; Tampa, Florida. My first job was cooking BBQ outside of one of these fine establishments. I got into radio by relentlessly prank calling the evening DJ until he finally had enough, and asked me to produce his show. Now I am married, have two little kids (Whose names escape me at the moment), and pass the time with craft beer and fine bourbon. I also like to cook, box and sleep... when the girls
let me.
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Joe DeTomaso

Joe D here, growing up I played sports and always loved music. As I got older, I stopped the sports and focused more on music. I taught myself to play bass and eventually guitar, which lead me to get a degree in music performance. I've played in locals bands and even spent a couple of years touring with Joey Belladonna of Anthrax. He asked me to play bass in is solo band, Belladonna. That was one hell of an experience! I'm a huge NFL fan. I also love heavy
metal and I like to fish when I can find the time.
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Robbie Knight

Hi, I'm Robbie Knight! Mom raised me on classical music and Bluebird Jazz records. But when I heard metal music, that was LIFE. I love all the Metals and the music that inspired them. I never outgrew comics, action movies or stupid
jokes. And I never developed an "indoor voice". I blame that on being a game warden's kid but it's just that I'm loud, really. Life sounds better cranked up to 11.
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What up, fam, I'm Woody! I'm from Southern California but I've lived all over: in Houston, Tulsa, Minneapolis and I spent a short stint in Florida too. I'm married. I love my wife and basketball (in that order) and I love taking her to games and rock shows. My favorite bands are Deftones, Queens of the Stone Age and Deftones again. I also do commercial voice over work for the likes of Red Wing shoes, Purina, and Old El Paso.
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Southern Maryland's Rock Station

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